15 interesting facts about me

This is going to be hard…

1. I am 27 and have been to 27 countries

2. I have lived in 5 countries

3. I am the youngest of 5 siblings

4. I 100% believe aliens are real (you’d be crazy to think we’re the only ones in the universe)

5. I once sat beside a judge during a criminal trial as work experience

6. I have a Law degree

7. I have volunteered internationally 3 times

8. I helped build a school in Nepal

9. I volunteered with an organisation in Ghana that specialised in women in law, helping local women know their rights, and bring a light to domestic violence.

10. I travelled with 13 jars of loose leaf tea back to the UK from New Zealand (I really like tea)

11. I have dyed my hair blue, green, pink, purple, red, orange and silver

12. I have been in 2 cyclones

13. I have sat on the edge of an active volcano

14. The only film I have ever cried at was Beauty and the Beast when I was a child. I hated when the Beast turned into the Prince and always demanded it was rewound to the beginning.

15. I have been on 66 flights


Well, I hope they were interesting, it took me forever to think of 15 things!

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